Absolutely awesome! It might seem intimidating at first, but all you have to do is try! The owner Niko Karavolos tailors the workouts to your specific level of fitness. The group environment is extremely welcoming and encouraging. When I started 12 months ago, I was in the worst shape of my life. I could barely even get through the warm ups! Today I am 60 pounds lighter, full of energy, and my back and knees no longer hurt. Thank you Niko and everyone at Ignite! 
Charles Therman
Ignite Fitness Member since February 2015

“From the workouts to the “one ingredient challenge” to the people: Ignite has all changed my life for the better in these short 8 months. I’m a busy mom of 3 kids (ages 1, 4, and 7), and a recreational tennis player. I may now weigh the same as I did before I started having kids, but my clothes are fitting looser than they did before. My tennis game has improved: my endurance for playing, speed to reach the ball, and power behind my hits has increased noticeably, especially during tournament match play. I’ve also noticed that after eliminating preservatives, additives, and processed foods (part of the one ingredient eating challenge) from my diet, my environmental and food allergies has diminished to the point where I don’t take a daily allergy pill and can now enjoy foods that I once had to avoid. I’ve also noticed that my energy levels are steadier throughout the busy day, and I’m not incapacitated with fatigue by dinner time. But what REALLY keeps me coming back is Niko and the members of Ignite. I haven’t met one person yet at Ignite who wasn’t fun, interesting, and full of personal drive and integrity. That’s the kind of person Niko is and that’s the kind of person who is drawn to his gym. I’m excited to see what the next 8 months brings!
“I’ve started training at Ignite at the end of January 2015 and I’ve been loving the various workouts; always different, challenging, never boring! The owner/trainer, Niko is very knowledgeable and provides clear instructions on how to perform movements properly.”
-Jane Loeser
Ignite Fitness Member Since December 2014

When I started I didn’t think I could ever do a chin up on my own and now I’m able to and working on the strict pull ups! Since I joined Ignite I’ve become more committed to myself, to staying healthy and fit. I’ve participated in 2 Spartan races and preparing for the third to complete my Trifecta!
As a mother of 2, I have gone through the ups and downs of managing time, energy and health. Ignite starts my day right and gets me in the right frame of mind for the rest of my day! So glad to have Ignite in our community!”
-Novella Ferreri
Ignite Fitness Member Since February 2015

I started getting bored at the gym.  I was making excuses why I wasn’t going even though I wouldn’t cancel my membership. I needed something else that was more exciting but I didn’t know exactly what was missing. The classes I was taking were not giving me the results I wanted and my knees were starting to weaken from all the running. It is easy to get into a routine and quit when you feel you can. That is typical for any of us who go to the gym consistently or sporadically.  A few friends kept talking about a place they had began working out at called Ignite Fitness. Finally, after hearing how much they were loving it, I decided to try it. The second I began to workout, I was hooked! Working out with others can be annoying and frustrating, but not here. Everyone supports one another. The camaraderie is reinforced because we are all there for the same reason, to get fit and gain strength. More importantly Niko, the owner and trainer, guides you slowly into the workouts. The first week is for new clients to get accustomed to the stretching and warm up exercises.  He supports you by showing you that you can do it rather than pushing you and making you feel like you failed. 
After my first week I overheard Nick talking about the 30-day challenge. It’s a 30-day challenge flowing the one-ingredient rule.  He simply said “eat only things that grow and things that eat things that grow.” This is clean eating at its most basic: fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes along with lean meats such as chicken, beef and fish all in their natural state. No oils, butter and sauces. Just natural herbs.  The following day I told Nick I had begun the one-ingredient diet.  He smiled, high-fived me, and told me “you can do it”.  Those simple gestures showed me he wanted me to succeed and I did it for the entire month along with 6 days a week of working out.  I can’t explain to you how excited I was when I saw how my body changed. After 3 kids, and many miles of running I began to see the body I used to have years ago coming through.  During the 3rd week of my challenge I noticed something even more important.  I had not taken Pepcid, Prilosec, or my daily allergy medicine.  It was crazy!!!! In such a short amount of time not only did I loose 10 pounds and 3 inches, but I wasn’t pill popping on a daily basis!  That was the moment that the challenge turned into a lifestyle change rather than a month trial. 
Ignite has helped me enjoy working out again, LOVE what I am seeing in the mirror, changing my life for the better and really realize the strength I have to push through.  I can do so much more than run!  I can guarantee if you just try Ignite Fitness you will find yourself not making excuses why you didn’t go to the gym but figuring out how to get there no matter what!
-Demetra Kapetaneas
Ignite Fitness Member since April 2015

There are moments in one’s life when a change is needed; change that can inspire a new way of living. When I started working out with Team Ignite, I needed that change. Training with Team Ignite has reinvigorated me in so many different ways that i wonder how I lived differently before.
You experience a workout at Ignite Fitness and you experience a mind and body clarification and a most challenging full body interval workout. The most impressive thing about it is your heart dictates everything. Heart rate monitoring throughout sessions differentiates Ignite Fitness from most training groups. Heart rate monitoring allows you to maximize your potential.
Finally, Ignite Fitness isn’t just a gym where you go and struggle by yourself, it’s a Team and everyone that trains are teammates. I will never workout the way I used to before Ignite. Let the fire burn, go Team Ignite, ahhh ouuuu!!!

-Dimitri Pagonis
Non invasive Cardiology
Alexian Bros Medical Center

Ignite Fitness Member Since March 2014

I recently visited my doctor for a physical,  I’ve been battling high cholesterol for most of my adulthood due to inheriting those genes, so I usually have my cholesterol checked once a year. This year, my cholesterol level dropped over 30 points!  HDL is exactly where it should be and LDL is very low.  1st time ever!  The doctor asked what has changed for me in the past year.  “Your diet?”, she said.  I responded that I have joined at gym called Ignite Fitness and have been working out  consistently for the past 7 months.  I asked her if that is a factor.  She said, “ABSOLUTELY”
She said that it has made my heart stronger and blood is pumping more efficiently throughout my body.  She informed me to continue doing what I’m doing.
I want to thank you for starting your gym, otherwise I would’ve never joined elsewhere.  And, for your awesome workout program, it has changed my overall health significantly!!
-Tina Bibizas
Ignite Fitness Member since May 2014

Since starting at Ignite I have experienced a total mind and body transformation. I have experienced new goals and personal bests that I never knew were possible. My daily energy levels have increased, my body is at its best physical shape, at 40 years old. I have same energy levels I had when I was 25 and 30 years old! I can engage in any sport, activity or competitions at a moments notice. My running endurance has increased and feel great!

The Ignite recipe focuses on the individual, works methodically to build your physical abilities and does it all in a nurturing team environment. Every work-out has made me push myself to new limits! Thank you Ignite for renewing my body!

-Michael Achilles Markos M.D.
Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine
Mercy Hospital and Medical Center
Clinical Instructor of Medicine
University of Illinois School of Medicine

Ignite Fitness Member since December 2013

Next week my family and I will be traveling overseas and I will have to, yet again, face the bane of my existence: air travel. I have been on a plane hundreds of times and each experience had become progressively worse, until now. Thanks to the intense training with Niko Karavolos at Ignite Fitness, I am much better at dealing with adversity and challenges.

Since joining Ignite in January of this year, I have become stronger than I have ever been, both physically and mentally. There’s something about being strong that helps you overcome mental obstacles to success. I think the dedication that it takes to get you to superior physical strength flows into other aspects of life, creating a positive, uplifting energy and attitude.

I’m looking forward to attacking this experience with the same force and positivity that we use to approach physical challenges at Ignite.

Thanks for the training, Niko!

-Karian Markos
Ignite Fitness Member since December 2013

Anyone in the search of a quick workout that shows results FAST Ignite Fitness is your answer. The workouts are fully body, high intensity with great overall results. I was looking for something new because going to the gym and doing your traditional weights and cardio workouts were getting old and boring. I needed something that could push me and keep me in shape. From the workouts to the phenomenal training staff, Ignite Fitness gives everyone a better experience during their workouts.

Training with Ignite has shown me getting in shape doesn’t always have to be a boring and tedious grind on the treadmill. The class atmosphere make its a great place to workout.
I have been a member at Ignite Fitness for over six months I’m thrilled about the results and recommend it to everyone. The workouts have given me not only increased definition and toning, but a different kind of cardio fitness. The gym has great energy and even on days when I don’t feel like working out the team atmosphere always motivates me to push hard. I have recommended this gym to all my friends and have heard nothing but positive feedback.

-Dino Anagnos
Ignite Fitness Member since April 2014

**Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individuals. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.**